Prayer through the intercession of Blessed Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński

God, the source of all holiness, in your unspeakable love you always give to the Church the saints who, deeply immersed in you, lead others to you and shine upon the community of believers. We praise you and thank you for including Stefan Cardinal Wyszyński, the Primate of the Millennium, among the Blessed.

God, we thank You that You have given the Church a holy and valiant Shepherd devoted only to You, full of courage in the face of persecution and adversity. In difficult times, he courageously and prudently led the Church, awakened and sustained the spirit of the nation, and did a lot for the Fatherland he loved so much.

Through his intercession, we humbly ask: give us love for Christ’s Church, and fidelity to the Gospel in all circumstances of life. Let God’s commandments shape our everyday life, that we would not succumb so easily to the contemporary world, and that there would be more mutual love, understanding, respect and sacrifice among us. Blessed Cardinal Stefan, Servant of Mary, you trusted her without limit, you always sought her help, and for years led us to Jesus through Mary.

Ask God that we will remain faithful to this path, and today remain with the Mother of the Saviour, Mother of the Church, and Queen of Poland. God, in Your infinite mercy, accept the prayers offered through the intercession of Blessed Cardinal Stefan, and through his intercession, grant us the favours ……… for which we are asking You.

O łaskach otrzymanych za wstawiennictwem bł. Stefana Wyszyńskiego należy powiadomić:
Kuria Metropolitalna Warszawska, ul. Miodowa 17/19; 00-246 Warszawa,
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